Update 04-16-12: Orsi and Cintia in a bitchfight

Orsi accuses Cintia of sleeping with her boyfriend. Some strong words soon result in a bitchfight and the girls start ripping the clothes from their opponent, slapping, strangling, choking this turns out to be a serious girlfight!
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Update 03-12-12: Crista and Victoria in a wet Girlfight

The girls don�t mess around as they rush at each other and in a few seconds the superiority of one of the she-warriors gets obvious. But which one of the ladies are capable to defeat her foe in this two way fight?
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Update 03-05-12: Orsi in a catfight with Victoria

Poor Orsi was attacked, beaten, choked and had to take a lot of abuse from Victoria. Victoria was like a wild animal and she used Orsi for her sick fantasy! Check out a small preview below to see Orsi getting beaten, smacked, pulled by her hair and enduring a lot of pain! click here for the whole video
Update 02-26-12: Annica in a girlfight with Victoria!

A great girlfight between two strong babes Annica and Victoria. Their catfight soon ended up as a fight for dominance. Both girls give it their best in this great female catfight wrestling match. A competitive catfight as they both show some of their best moves. click here for the whole video